China Merchants New Energy Successfully Held the Green Habitat Photovoltaic Forum

On 2 December 2016, sponsored by China Merchants New Energy Group(“CMNE”), the sub-forum of 13th International Green Habitat Forum, namely Photovoltaic Empirical Technology forum, was held at the Shenzhen Shekou Net Valley Yingwei Cloud Centre.

The “13th International Green Habitat Forum (IGHF)” and the “2nd Green Pilot Free Trade Zone Week” were launched at Shenzhen Qianhai-Shekou Pilot Free Trade Area (Qianhai FTA) on 1 December. Themed “Green City Smart Growth,” this year’s forum attracted thousands of attendees who have interests on green city and green habitat construction, including domestic and overseas experts, scholars, government leaders and renowned enterprise representatives etc.

The guests attending the forum include, Mr. Li Junfeng, director of National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation(NCSC), Mr. Li Yuan, CEO of China Merchants New Energy Group Limited, Mr. Li Hong, chairman of PRC Area in CMNE, Mr. Hu Jianxin, vice general manager of China Merchants Shekou Holdings, Mr. Shen Hui, director of Sun Yat-sen University Solar System Research Institute, Mr. Zhang Feng, general manager of Huawei Intelligent PV Power Plant Area, Ms. Wang Lichun, director of LERRI Solar Research Institute, Mr. Jiang Hongfei, director of TÜV NORD Group PV System.

Mr. Li Junfeng, director of NCSC, spoke at the Forum

Mr. Li Junfeng, director of NCSC gave a speech during the Forum. Mr. Li stated that it is an inevitable trend to deal with climate change and promote new energy transformation. He also analyzed China’s current energy structure and hoped to promote technology innovation and bring in industry opportunities in the new era via energy structure transformation.


Mr. Li Yuan, CEO of CMNE, introduced Panda Solar Power Plants to the guests

During the Forum, Mr. Li Yuan, CEO of CMNE, introduced “Panda Solar Power Plants” project to the guests. “Panda Solar Power Plant” is the solar power plant designed and constructed following the image of panda, the Chinese national treasure. Mr. Li hoped to build Panda Power Plants around the world and achieve the goal of “Sustainable Energy for All”, through the construction and promotion, and the integration of government, enterprises, financial institutions and social resources. In the meantime, CMNE will cooperate with the United Nations in a series of activities, to enhance young people’s engagement in coping with climate change and promoting the innovation of the environmental protection career, so that all the family have access to green clean energy.

Mr. Li Hong, chairman of CMNE China Area was the host of the forum

Guests from Huawei, LERRI Solar, TÜV NORD Group, and Sun Yat-sen University Solar System Research Institute conducted a detailed analysis and discussion on such topics as energy interconnection, PV module performance, and PV construction integration. Mr. Li Xueyong, executive vice president of Shenzhen Empirical Renewable Energy Company, released the PGO empirical data and led the guests a virtual visit to Nanhai Yiku Project by video.

Q&A Session

Attendees including experts, scholars, government leaders and enterprise representatives

In Q&A session, guests shared their thoughts with each other, agreed to invite more companies engaged in PV industry and to create more innovative, responsible and meaningful projects. Developing green clean energy will also promote the future economy and bring us much purer and beautiful life.