New Energy Projects
Suizhou Photovoltaic Power Station in Hubei Province

The Suizhou Photovoltaic Power Station is located in Zengdu District, Suizhou City, Hubei Province, with an installed capacity of 100 MW. The site of this station is close to Ma’anshan Reservoir in Xihe Town, Suizhou City. Its landform is strategically dominated by hilly topography. Its annual power generation capacity is about 115 million kWh, which can be consumed by 120,000 households for one year, saving about 40,000 tons of standard coal and reducing 122,100 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. While providing high-quality clean electricity for Hubei Province and Suizhou City, the project actively implements the state rural revitalization strategy, creates over 50 jobs for nearby villages every year, relieving the poverty reduction and employment pressure for local government by increasing the income of local villagers and promoting local economic development.